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mathutils.h File Reference

Detailed Description

various math functions

multichannel (each function should return -or set- an array sized to the number of channel in the input vector)
appropriate switches depending on types.h content

Definition in file mathutils.h.

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enum  aubio_window_type {
  aubio_win_rectangle, aubio_win_hamming, aubio_win_hanning, aubio_win_hanningz,
  aubio_win_blackman, aubio_win_blackman_harris, aubio_win_gaussian, aubio_win_welch,


void aubio_autocorr (fvec_t *input, fvec_t *output)
smpl_t aubio_bintofreq (smpl_t bin, smpl_t samplerate, smpl_t fftsize)
smpl_t aubio_bintomidi (smpl_t bin, smpl_t samplerate, smpl_t fftsize)
void aubio_cleanup (void)
smpl_t aubio_freqtobin (smpl_t freq, smpl_t samplerate, smpl_t fftsize)
smpl_t aubio_freqtomidi (smpl_t freq)
smpl_t aubio_level_detection (fvec_t *ibuf, smpl_t threshold)
smpl_t aubio_miditobin (smpl_t midi, smpl_t samplerate, smpl_t fftsize)
smpl_t aubio_miditofreq (smpl_t midi)
smpl_t aubio_quadfrac (smpl_t s0, smpl_t s1, smpl_t s2, smpl_t pf)
uint_t aubio_silence_detection (fvec_t *ibuf, smpl_t threshold)
smpl_t aubio_unwrap2pi (smpl_t phase)
void aubio_window (smpl_t *w, uint_t size, aubio_window_type wintype)
void vec_adapt_thres (fvec_t *vec, fvec_t *tmp, uint_t win_post, uint_t win_pre)
void vec_add (fvec_t *mag, smpl_t threshold)
smpl_t vec_alpha_norm (fvec_t *DF, smpl_t alpha)
void vec_alpha_normalise (fvec_t *mag, uint_t alpha)
void vec_dc_removal (fvec_t *mag)
smpl_t vec_local_energy (fvec_t *f)
smpl_t vec_local_hfc (fvec_t *f)
smpl_t vec_max (fvec_t *s)
uint_t vec_max_elem (fvec_t *s)
smpl_t vec_mean (fvec_t *s)
smpl_t vec_median (fvec_t *input)
smpl_t vec_min (fvec_t *s)
uint_t vec_min_elem (fvec_t *s)
smpl_t vec_moving_thres (fvec_t *vec, fvec_t *tmp, uint_t win_post, uint_t win_pre, uint_t win_pos)
uint_t vec_peakpick (fvec_t *input, uint_t pos)
smpl_t vec_quadint (fvec_t *x, uint_t pos)
smpl_t vec_quadint_min (fvec_t *x, uint_t pos, uint_t span)
void vec_shift (fvec_t *s)
smpl_t vec_sum (fvec_t *s)

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